A Working and Educational Partnership: The Chambers Construction Apprenticeship Program

June 9, 2023

Some relationships are just meant to be, and our relationship with Chambers Construction and their Construction Apprenticeship Program is one of those.

Chambers Construction is a local commercial building company that after a year of development between our staff at HFHCL and Chambers, we have developed an educational training program similar to what we have with the IBEW (electricians union).  Chambers is using building 4 (lots 7/8) as a training project for all levels of their construction apprenticeship program. 

Here you can see the apprentices of the Chambers Construction Apprenticeship Program along with our HFHCL crew setting up the foundation for building 4 to be poured. Chambers apprentices, under the supervision of their instructors and the HFHCL project superintendent, will be framing the entire building through the roof sheathing. 

Framing is scheduled to begin the first week of July, and as of today, all foundation, under-slab utilities (water and power) inspections have been passed and we are a go for the third foundation on the property to be poured.

Yay for team work and partnerships.

A heartfelt “THANK YOU!” To Chambers Construction and the Chambers Construction Apprenticeship Program!