Airport Display Artists

First off, a GINORMOUS thank you to the Eugene Airport for giving us the opportunity for this display.

We chose regular ReStore customers who use products to create or upcycle existing products sold in our store into something completely different. The ingenuity of our customers continue to astonish us. We are grateful to all who shop and donate at our ReStore and for sharing their creativity. Here are the artists in alphabetical order:

Robert Bolman

Using a wide variety of fasteners (sold by the pound) from the Restore, Robert’s art is thoughtful, insightful and full of imagination. The piece you see in the display is titled: Influxed. You can read his artist bio here.

Pat Delsman

Pat uses lumber and other wood products from the ReStore to create these beautiful “tine” boxes. Tine boxes have been used for a very long time in northern Scandinavia as a provisions or lunch box. In this display there are two tine boxes, a green Algonquin box that he made from odd pieces of ReStore plywood . Here are the instructions to make your own tine box.

Kristi Moomy

Kristi’s passion is in creating unique one of a kind pieces of resin art and transforming homes and business environments with everything from exotic marble and granite looks to calming white Carrara Stone looks by using stonecoat countertop epoxy. Kristi used a coffee table she purchased from the ReStore to create a stunning piece with her epoxy and resin technique which is in our display. Learn more about Kristi here.