An Exciting Partnership with the University of Oregon Architecture Program

April 18, 2023

Have you heard about our new partnership with The U of O architecture program?

We are so excited about this new development and partnering with The Ducks!

The architecture students will be helping to design and build our Cottage Grove development.  The first design studio term has begun and the class is underway creating drawings for the first 2 buildings of which will be something like 6 total buildings on the Cottage Grove property.

UO architecture students take a field trip to the Cottage Grove site:

UO students will also be designing the first site plan to begin site and infrastructure work.  John Aaron (construction Manager) and John Barnum (Executive Director) have been attending the design studios as consultants and we had our first site day this past week to begin developing the site. 

The future of the Cottage Grove site looks bright! The design ideas that are coming out are wonderful and exciting.  Stay tuned for more…

Thank you Ducks!