Apprentices, Donations, and, Progress—Oh My!!

July 22, 2023

We are so excited to have building 4 as the official Chambers Construction Apprenticeship Program apprentice training building!

Chambers apprentices along with with the generous donation of lumber from Sierra Pacific is helping to progress Fischer Village forward at a healthy pace!

The talented carpentry apprentices under the guidance of the professionals at Chambers Construction, the apprentices of the Chambers Construction Apprenticeship Program, and the HFHCL Construction Team, have made significant progress within the last few weeks.

We have framed up to the second level and the rolling roof trusses is scheduled to begin within the next couple weeks. We should be able to get dried in before this great building weather starts to change! 

In Donations…

Thank you, Sierra Pacific!!

Look at all this amazing lumber!!

Our affiliate has been blessed with great volunteers, the help of the Chambers Construction Apprenticeship Program to frame this next building, and the amazing donation of lumber from Sierra Pacific.  This donation will cover all of the dimensional lumber needs for the next 3 buildings. 

Gratitude and progress abound out here at Fischer Village!