New Year, New Paint & Landscaping!


Happy New Year to all!  We need your help next week – please sign up to volunteer to help with final landscaping work at the Yogi Way house. Next Thursday-Saturday, volunteers will finish building the fence and spread backfill in the yard. This will help us to complete the house by the end of January!

At the end of December, volunteers primed and painted the interior of the Martinez family home on Royal Avenue. Several volunteer teams joined us on the build site in December, including all five sponsors of this Interfaith Build: Pacific Continental Bank, Central Lutheran Church, Central Presbyterian Church, First Congregational Church, and Temple Beth Israel! This week, volunteers are putting the final touches on paint and trim.  Next up, cabinets and flooring will be installed. Here are a few photos of the progress on Royal Ave:

Royal Ave - 12-18-15 07

Pacific Continental Bank Team

Royal Ave - 12-23-15 08

Central Lutheran volunteers paint doors.

Royal Ave - 12-23-15 14

Royal Ave - 12-23-15 03

The Martinez family’s journey to homeownership – new video!


Watch This Video about the inspiring story of Andres, Brenda and their two young sons, as they move from unhealthy living conditions towards realizing their dream of a safe, affordable home of their own. They are building their future while building their home! The last segment will be filmed at the Dedication Celebration, when the house is completed and they receive the keys to their home and brighter future.Home sweet home


Many Reasons to Be Thankful

We have so many reasons to be thankful this holiday season – for willing partner families, dedicated volunteers,  generous donors and supporters, and more!


Jimenez Home Dedication

Ursula, Haley and Ishmael in their new kitchen.

Ursula, Haley and Ishmael in their new kitchen.

The Jimenez family home on Yogi Way was dedicated on November 15. Many community members and supporters were in attendance – including the four sponsoring Rotary clubs, Wells Fargo representatives, Mayor Kitty Piercy, and Rep. Nancy Nathanson. It was a joyous opportunity to celebrate the hard work of the many sponsors and volunteers who came together to build this home alongside the Jimenez family – Ursula and her children, Ishmael and Haley. Work will conclude on the exterior of the house this month, and the family looks forward to purchasing and moving into the home very soon. This is Habitat’s 52nd completed home, and the first Greater Rotary Build. Watch the KEZI news story here.

Construction Committee Chair, Alain Rebeyrol, presents the keys to Ursula.

Construction Committee Chair, Alain Rebeyrol, presents the house keys to Ursula.

Rotarians showed up in full force to celebrate and support this build!

Rotarians showed up in full force to celebrate and support this build!

Martinez Home – Royal Ave. Interfaith Build

The Interfaith Build on Royal Avenue is progressing quickly this winter! In November, several clergy members from the sponsoring congregations volunteered together on the build site, installing Levi’s recycled denim insulation in the house. You can listen to a KKNU Community Forum story about the build here, including interviews with the family, clergy members, and Habitat staff.

Future homeowner, Brenda, works alongside Christian and Jewish clergy members.

Future homeowner, Brenda, works alongside Christian and Jewish clergy members.

Volunteers recently hung drywall on the interior, and will soon begin priming the walls. It’s beginning to look homey inside! After painting, volunteers will move on to interior finish work such as installing cabinets, flooring, and appliances. Watch KVAL coverage of the build progress and the family’s story here.

Volunteers install drywall.

Volunteers prepare to install drywall.



Three Houses and a Dedication!


Volunteers have been busy working on three different houses this month!  We are very pleased to have completed the siding and porches on our house in Springfield, in the Habitat Meyer Estates neighborhood.  Volunteers were busy for the last two weeks, building the porches and hanging the siding, to protect the house for the winter.  This two-story house is being built for Kenya and her daughter Jeyla, and will resume construction later this winter. IMGP3838 IMG_20151022_145559

Our house on Yogi Way is nearing completion!  Volunteers are currently working on finishing interior trim and painting, and they will soon move on to landscaping. Everyone is invited to celebrate with the family, volunteers, house sponsors, and the wider Habitat community on Sunday, November 15 at 2:00pm: Invitation

Meanwhile, at our house on Royal Avenue, volunteers have completed the siding and painting of the house. Up next, subcontractors will be installing the roof and HVAC (heating and cooling system). Then volunteers will put in the insulation and drywall inside the house. Pictured here are future homeowners, Brenda and Andres, Site Supervisor Byron, and regular volunteers, Ron and Al:

IMG_5043For the next two weeks, you can join us by volunteering on the Yogi Way house!  Sign up on the calendar today.  If you are new to Habitat, please register for the next orientation session (Nov. 4) on the calendar. THANK YOU, HABITAT VOLUNTEERS! YOU ROCK!




Drywall & Siding


On Yogi Way, drywall is nearing completion!  Volunteers are adding additional coats of paint to the exterior.  Next week, the drywall will be finished by volunteers.  Then contract workers will come in to tape, mud, and texture the walls.  After that point, volunteers will be able to prime the interior! Check out the progress inside and out: IMG_7833



On Royal Avenue, siding is starting to go up! Roofers are beginning to install the shingles this weekend, and the house will be dried in soon.  After volunteers complete the siding, they will continue with exterior painting and then move to insulation and drywall inside the house.


Check out the front of the house, and the plumbing inside:

Royal Ave - Sep 11 - 1

Royal Ave - Sep 11 - 5

Royal Ave - Sep 11 - 4

Insulation Inside & Out


Thank you, Volunteers, for all your hard work on our two houses!  Both the Jimenez and Martinez families are putting in many “sweat equity” hours on the build site, and they are very excited to see the progress on their dream homes!

It’s all about insulation on the houses right now. On Royal Ave, volunteers have completed the exterior insulation with blue board and green wrap.  Siding will go up soon, and windows are already in! Volunteers also built the porch roof and raised the porch trusses:





Aug 28 - Royal Ave - 27 IMG_20150903_151337

























On Yogi Way, the exterior has been painted a lovely blue! Inside the house, Rotary volunteers installed all the Levi’s insulation in one day.  This week, volunteers are hanging drywall on the ceiling and walls.  Next up, the drywall will be covered with tape, mud, and texturing before the interior can be painted:

4 edited

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Yogi & Royal: Volunteer Teams Galore!


We have seen many volunteer teams (as well as individual volunteers) during the month of August, and they have made serious progress on both houses!  The BJ’s Brewhouse “Brew Crew” worked on trusses and more at the Royal Avenue house:



The roof continues to be sheeted at Royal, and the exterior is being insulated with blue board and green house wrap. Volunteers will soon be putting up fascia board and siding, and plumbing will be roughed in next. This is a one-story house, so progress is moving along quickly.

Aug 21

At 3609 Yogi Way, siding is complete and volunteers will install insulation later this week. Levi Strauss generously donates their recycled denim insulation for each Habitat house, which makes for effective, non-toxic, and non-itchy insulation! After the insulation is installed, drywall will go up inside the house.  The exterior of the house still needs to be painted, with colors chosen by Ursula and family- check back soon to see the colors!


Recent Volunteer Teams:

BJ’s Restaurant (aka “The Brew Crew”):


Central Lutheran Church:

Aug 14 - Royal Ave - 20

Central Presbyterian Church

First Congregational Church

Habitat Board of Directors

Quantum Health

Southtowne Rotary

Thank you to all of our Volunteer Teams!


Interfaith Volunteers Raise a Wall!


Thanks to our many dedicated volunteers, the Martinez Home on Royal Avenue has all walls raised! Last Sunday, all four sponsoring congregations sent volunteers to the build site to raise the final exterior wall. Congregation members covered the studs with blessings and messages of hope for the family. Special thanks to our house sponsors, as well as Seneca Sawmill Company for donating the lumber. The roof trusses will be going up soon, followed by roof shingles, house wrap, blue board, and siding.

Interfaith volunteers on the build site:


Studs signed by congregation members and volunteers:

Interfaith studs collage

Future homeowner, Brenda, with First Congregational Church pastor, Janet, and FCC member/longtime Habitat volunteer, Mike:

P1010450 (Small)

P1010433 (Small)

Rolling Along on Royal Avenue


It’s been one month since the groundbreaking for the Martinez family home on Royal Avenue, and we are almost ready to raise walls! We got a jump start on the build schedule with a generous donation of labor from Dynasty Concrete Company. Even the smallest members of the Martinez family were there to watch the concrete being poured for the foundation:



Last week, volunteers began to work on the site – putting in the mud sill to cover the foundation, and then laying all the floor joists.  By end of this week, the sub-floor will be complete and we will soon raise walls!

Royal Ave - July 16-17 - 1

Royal Ave - July 16-17 - 9



If you want to get in on the action and join the volunteer crew, sign up on the calendar!  If you are a new volunteer, please attend an orientation session.  The next orientation is Tuesday, August 4 at 5:30pm. Email to sign up.

Interfaith Build Groundbreaking


On Saturday, June 13th, Habitat broke ground on the Martinez family house – and launched a landmark collaboration between four faith congregations to build hope for this family. First Congregational Church, Central Presbyterian Church, and Central Lutheran Church are joining forces with Temple Beth Israel to donate financial and volunteer resources for Springfield/Eugene Habitat’s first-ever Interfaith Build. Additional support is provided by Pacific Continental Bank.

IMGP2892 (Large) The Martinez family and Family Advocate Jane Kitterman-Collins (Large)