Drywall & Siding


On Yogi Way, drywall is nearing completion!  Volunteers are adding additional coats of paint to the exterior.  Next week, the drywall will be finished by volunteers.  Then contract workers will come in to tape, mud, and texture the walls.  After that point, volunteers will be able to prime the interior! Check out the progress inside and out: IMG_7833



On Royal Avenue, siding is starting to go up! Roofers are beginning to install the shingles this weekend, and the house will be dried in soon.  After volunteers complete the siding, they will continue with exterior painting and then move to insulation and drywall inside the house.


Check out the front of the house, and the plumbing inside:

Royal Ave - Sep 11 - 1

Royal Ave - Sep 11 - 5

Royal Ave - Sep 11 - 4