Fischer Village — Building 1 Designed with ADA Compatibility in Mind.

Fischer Village will eventually have 6 buildings each with two units, for a total of 12 units. Of the 12 units, two are being designed with ADA compatibility in mind. Over the last few months, great progress has been made on Building 1 (lots 1&2).

Building 1 contains one of the ADA compatible units. This unit is 200 sq. feet bigger than the standard unit so that it can accommodate a third bedroom as well as a full bathroom with handicap accessibility on the main level. This building was designed by our Partners at Robertson Sherwood and lead by our past Americorps intern and now licensed architect John Webster.

Unit 2 in this building is more or less the same as the main design in the other units with some small adjustments. 

The roof design on this building is slightly different than the other 2 buildings on R street. We went with the “Dutch hip” design over a standard “4-way Hip” to create more attic space and add variety to the overall development of Fischer Village.

A huge thank you to our partners at Robertson Sherwood Architects!