Fischer Village on the Outside

February 26, 2023

Our electricians and volunteers have everything at the ready, bringing the incoming main power conductors to lots 3 and 4 so the homes will be energized!

The electricians and plumbers will return after interior painting is complete to install fixtures and complete their finish work.

While we had the trenches open to run the main underground power to lots 3 and 4, we went ahead and brought all the main power and data conduits to lots 1/2 (building 1) and lots 5/6 (building 3).  This allows us to close the trenches for the next 2 buildings and puts us a step ahead as well.  In addition, for safety considerations, we want to have all of the heavy equipment work done before families occupy units 3 and 4.

Step by step, we’re getting closer to occupancy!!