Fischer Village Future Homeowner, Niki

Photo by Melanie Viles, ReStore Associate

Eugene resident Niki is a single parent with twin toddler boys. The family lives in an overpriced, under-maintained apartment. Most of the housing that is affordable at her income level either has structural damage or is in an unsafe area. She was encouraged to apply for the Habitat program by her aunt, who had a friend become a homeowner through the program. Niki is looking forward to living in Fischer Village, where her neighbors will be on common ground with her; several of them being single parents as well. She’s excited for the opportunity to build new foundations and provide a home for her children

“I am initially excited about being surrounded by people with common ground, possibly   single parents too, that are willing to work hard for their families. That creates a good  neighborhood with people I’d like to be around. I am excited to see it all come together.”

“I hope to someday tell my children that Mommy built this house for them. It’s something that is ours, that no one can take away from us…this will be the only home they have ever known. It’ll be an affordable and new home that we can build the foundations of our lives on.”  – Niki

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