Repair a Home: The Process

Volunteers Home Repair Ramp

Home Repair Applications are not open at this time.

Habitat for Humanity of Central Lane works to eliminate sub-standard housing by assisting low-income veterans, seniors and disabled homeowners with minor exterior home repairs. Typical projects include exterior painting, accessibility ramps, gutter repair, fence repair, deck and stair repair, and overgrown brush removal. Habitat does not paint homes where lead-based paint is present. Please read our scope of work.

To get started, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: 
Read Do I Qualify? to determine your eligibility and the eligibility of your property.

Step 2: 
In order for HFHCL to ensure that homeowners truly in need of housing services are selected, HFHCL requires homeowners to include the following documents in their application.

1. Completed application (all applicant adults must have signed)
2. Copies of two months of pay stubs for all working adults in the home, if applicable
3. Documentation of all other income for two months (social security, SSD, TANF, child support, unemployment, etc.)
4. Copy of the most recent federal tax statement for each adult (any form 1040 any version) including W2 forms, if applicable
5. Proof of citizenship or permanent legal residency for each adult (copy of birth certificate, valid US passport, voter’s registration, or legal permanent residence card)
6. Copy of driver’s license or Oregon ID for each adult
7. Copy of Mortgage Statement
8. Copy of most recent Property Tax Statement
9. Copy of Homeowner’s Insurance Declarations Page
10. Copy of military discharge paperwork (DD Form 214), if applicable

Step 3: 
Home Visit
Before a home is selected for the Home Repair Program, their homes are evaluated for need. A home visit needs to occur in order to determine what work will be done, what will not be done, and the estimated cost of the project. 

Step 4: 
After the homeowner application is submitted and a home visit is completed, HFHCL will meet with the homeowner to review and sign the partnership agreement including a review of the scope of work, payment options, and to ensure the homeowner’s willingness to partner. View the Partnership Agreement

Step 5:
Once the project is completed and the Construction Manager has calculated the actual costs, the homeowner will review and sign Certificate of Completion, which includes the payment plan. The homeowner will also be asked to participate in a short survey about how the repair and preservation work was beneficial to them. A minor repair can make a major difference!


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