Our ADA Building is Going Up!

September 6, 2023

We at HFHCL are happy to announce that Building 1 (lots 1 and 2) on R street is now under construction. 

With the help of our dedicated volunteers we poured the foundation and slab last month.

This is the last building to complete the R street side of Fischer Village.  This is also the building that has the ADA unit on Lot 1.  The floor plan on lot 2 is slightly different than the other units as well due to the overall design of the building.

After a couple weeks of letting the concrete cure the forms were stripped.  Framing began the first week of September.  The main level is just about complete and the upper level floor begins next week.

Building 3 on R street (lots 5 and 6) update: All of the electrical, and HVAC rough in is complete in this building.  As soon as the plumbing rough in is complete we will be able to insulate and start the interior sheetrock.  And then the interior finish work begins. 

Moving forward!