Two Beautiful Homes


Don’t you think these houses are looking beautiful?!

Volunteers are completing the final coats of blue paint on the exterior of the Yogi Way house, which is being built for Ursula and her kids, Ishmael and Haley. Work is continuing on the interior of the house as well. The drywall has been hung and textured, and is currently being primed by volunteers.  Next, volunteers will move on to cabinets, flooring, and other finish work on the inside. Landscaping will also occur within the next month, and the house will soon be complete!

Yogi Way
Landscaping and interior work are up next!

The new siding is looking great on Royal Avenue! Volunteers will soon be painting the exterior of the house next, in order to beat the rainy weather. Electricity has already been roughed in, thanks to Allan of Pacific Electric! Up next, volunteers will install insulation and drywall.

Royal Ave - Oct 2 - 7
The house is almost ready for paint!
Brenda and Lanny
Future homeowner, Brenda, works alongside volunteer crew leader, Lanny.
Thank you, Allan of Pacific Electric!