Welcome, Escalante Family!

Joshua, Richie, Monica, and Jordan
Joshua, Richie, Monica, and Jordan. [Photo by Shanice Stringer]
Welcome to the Escalantes, who became a Habitat partner family in October!   Monica and Richie are parents to twins: Joshua and Jordan, age 13.  The kids attend Hamlin Middle School, and are eagerly awaiting their Habitat house so that they can each have their own bedroom.  Richie works at Lanz Cabinets.

For a long time, the dream of owning a home seemed out of reach for the Escalantes.  They tried and tried, but weren’t able to make it happen.  “We could only imagine it before, and now it seems like a reality,” says Monica.  Now that the Escalantes are a partner family, they see this dream coming true for other Habitat families who have diligently saved funds and contributed hundreds of sweat equity hours.

The Escalantes are proactive and hardworking.  They have already completed over 50 sweat equity hours in the last two months, including construction work on the Millard house.  “We are looking forward to building our home and others.  We are so thankful and grateful.  We want to help in whatever way we can,” says Monica.

Please join us in welcoming the Escalantes to the Habitat family!  It is a joy to partner with them as they prepare to be successful homeowners.